Published On: Sat, Sep 5th, 2020

Brexit news: Boris told to ditch deadlocked trade talks – ‘Walk away NOW!’ | Politics | News

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Tags readers voted in our poll on whether the Prime Minister should walk away from negotiations with Brussels. Some 93 percent of respondents said yes, with just seven percent disagreeing.

Commenting on the poll, one reader wrote: “I can’t understand what’s taking so long, we will never give up our waters for them to plunder and we will never agree to abiding by their laws.

“Just walk away and say you drop these bullying demands and we can talk but don’t bother us unless you do.”

Another fumed: “How many times you need telling Boris just walk away now and get it over with and start WTO.”

A third insisted: “We must let them know that we are now in control over our own country and finish further negotiations and walk away.”

One more added: “We agreed to a transition up to 31 December and that is what we must do.

“Many of us already knew the negotiations would be pointless.

“We want to be a free sovereign country. Fish our own waters, make our own laws and control our own borders.

“The plain fact is Brussels can never allow UK to have that or every other country would demand the same and the gravy train will come to a juddering halt and all those corrupt, incompetent, failed politicians would be out of a job.”

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He said: “We did not see any change in the position of the UK.

“This is why I express publicly that I am worried and I am disappointed because, frankly speaking, we have moved.

“I’ve shown clearly openness to find compromise.

“If they don’t move on the issues which are the key issues of the EU, the level playing field, fisheries and governance, the UK will take itself the risk of a no-deal.”

But Downing Street angrily hit back at Mr Barnier’s claims and blasted Brussels’ fishing demands.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “Michel Barnier’s comments are a misleading representation of our proposals aimed at deflecting scrutiny from the EU’s own positions which are unrealistic and unprecedented.

“For our part we’ve been consistently clear that we’re seeking a relationship that respects our sovereignty and has a free trade agreement at its core similar to those the EU has already agreed with like minded countries.

“The EU have refused to engage with our proposals and the documents we’ve brought to the table insisting we must accept continuity with EU fisheries policy and disregarding the UK’s status as an independent coastal state.

“We need more realism from the EU on the scale of the change that results from our leaving the EU.

“We do want an agreement and are looking for a relationship based on the EU’s existing bilateral arrangement on fishing with Norway which is the most relevant precedent to relationships between two independent coastal states.”

The UK left the EU on January 31 and is in a transition period with the bloc until the end of the year while the two sides attempt to thrash out a post-Brexit trade deal. polled 3,093 people on September 5.

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