Published On: Sun, Jun 28th, 2020

China cover up: Brexiteer uses video to uncover ‘biggest lie’ during coronavirus crisis | World | News

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Rupert Lowe has accused China of reporting the “biggest lie” throughout the COVID-19 pandemic over its recording of coronavirus figures. The former Brexit Party MEP for the East Midlands also described the way the Chinese Government has behaved throughout the health crisis as “despicable”.

Mr Lowe made his point on Twitter by sharing a video by Qatar-based news channel Al Jazeera titled “How the world reached 10 million cases”.

The graphic showed the rising number of coronavirus cases in the top ten countries most affected.

The footage illustrated how the number of coronavirus infections in other nations rapidly over took China as the pandemic spread across the world.

Mr Lowe wrote on Twitter: “Watch this video. The biggest lie through this whole thing has been the Chinese numbers.

“The behaviour of the communists has been despicable.”

The 30 second video showed the rising number of positive COVID-19 tests from January 22 until June 27.

The figures produced by Al Jazeera showed China with the most COVID-19 cases from January 22 until March 27 when it was then overtaken by Italy.

Just 10 days later it showed China had fallen to fifth position and was overtaken by the US, Spain, Italy, and Germany.  

By May 4, China would suddenly drop out of the top 10 as the pandemic continued to spread around the world.

At that stage the order of the highest number of cases by country looked like US, Spain, Italy, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Iran and then Brazil in 10th position.

May 3 turned out to be the last time China would appear on the graphic in the top ten.

Coronavirus was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan and was reported to the World Health Organisation in December 2019.

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Zhang Qiang, an official from Beijing’s municipal committee, told a press briefing that as of noon on Sunday Beijing had collected 8.29 million patient samples for testing and completed 7.69 million tests.

Zhang Qiang said: “This means we have already tested all the people that need to be tested. We are also rolling out large scale screening to key regions and key populations and improve our capability of testing.”

Zhang added that Beijing’s daily testing capacity has increased to 458,000 per day.

An outbreak of the virus was reported at Xinfadi market in Beijing on June 11 with 311 people testing positive.

On Sunday Chinese health officials reported just 17 new cases of coronavirus – with 14 people testing positive in Beijing.

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