Published On: Tue, Sep 15th, 2020

Donald Trump news: Ex-wife SAVAGED for US immigration comments – ‘Utter trash’ | World | News

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Ivana Trump is a legal immigrant to the US and married Mr Trump in 1977, before later divorcing in 1990. During an interview on Loose Women, Ms Trump said US immigrants do not dress “Americanly” once they have arrived in the country.

She also said she was “very proud” of her former partner for “all he has achieved with immigration”.

She urged that all immigrants to America should “enter legally”.

Ms Trump spoke about her own emigration to the US during the interview.

She insisted she “has no problem with immigrants” if they enter America legally, pay taxes and “be a part of society”.

Another user said: “Ivana Trump – as vile and racist as her ex husband.

“Couldn’t watch her anymore sorry @loosewomen had to switch off.”

While one social media user reacted: “I cannot believe the utter trash that #IvanaTrump is spouting on #loosewomen. Why give this woman airtime?!”

Ms Trump was asked if she felt her thoughts on immigrants could be viewed as inhumane.

She responded: “It is inhumane, but everybody has to pick themselves up.

“They have to properly, apply for the visa so they can come to America and cross the border properly and get a job, have a house, start a family.”

Loose Women host, Jane Moore, asked: “But those opportunities are very few and far between nowadays aren’t they?”

Ms Trump said: “They are, but the people who will prevail, the people who want to work will prevail.

“The people who want to get food stamps and sleep on the benches, this is what we don’t want.”

Ms Trump also said that she can speak to President Trump “any time” as they are “very good friends”.

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