Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2020

EU ‘on the ropes’ as glaringly ‘contradictory’ bloc moments from MAJOR collapse | World | News

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Economist Roger Bootle argued the EU’s root contradiction has been exposed and could spell the end of the bloc. While speaking on YouTube channel Brexit Watch, Mr Bootle claimed there was tension building between two groups that both support the institution of the EU. The economist claimed, the tension was rising between those that wanted to see a United States of Europe and those that wanted a Europe made up of individual cooperating member states.

Mr Bootle said: “I think the wheels are coming off the EU and I have thought this for a long time.

“In my book the Trouble with Europe, I actually forecast then not just the Euro would break up but the EU would eventually break, it wouldn’t survive.

“I stand by this, though it is not bound to happen but right at the centre of the EU there has been a contradiction.”

Mr Bootle then reflected on the differing ideologies within those in the European Union that are pro-EU.

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He said: “In its very essence you have those people who wanted to create a United States of Europe, who wanted to drive Europe into ever-closer integration.

“Then you had others who didn’t subscribe to that aim who essentially wanted to keep it a Europe of nation-states.

“Albeit held together in some form of federation with things in common.”

The economic expert explained that while both ideologies support the European Union, they do not align on the future of the bloc.

Mr Bootle concluded: “It nearly collapsed in 2012 and it has been on the ropes ever since.

“Now we have got the coronavirus crisis and it has exposed the problem I referred to.

“The contradiction of groups and the tension between those that want a proper full union and those that don’t.

“It is right at the root of the union and I think Europe is going to have to face up to this.

“It is not going to be able to go on fudging it and thinking it is all going to be alright on the night.”

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