Published On: Fri, Jul 24th, 2020

Furlough warning: ‘Good news’ amid HMRC ‘clawback’ penalty rules for incorrect claims | Personal Finance | Finance

“Several high-profile companies have already opted to repay funds they received from the government under the scheme, primarily due to public pressure. However, the risk of clawbacks and potential penalties is also likely to have been a factor in their decision-making.”

For those who have used the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, there may be a way for recipients to protect themselves.

“It is widely anticipated that the Government will do random checks on businesses in the coming months ahead to evaluate as many CJRS claims as possible and claw back money where businesses have been disingenuous,” said Ms Harris.

“Therefore, all recipients need to plan accordingly and be able to prove their eligibility for the scheme.

“It would prove very useful in the long run to review any claims that have been made under the CJRS now and check that all of the correct paperwork is in order.

“This could help to ensure recipients do not face a clawback, plus any additional penalties, later on.

Ms Harris did suggest there may be some “good news”, however.

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