Published On: Thu, Mar 26th, 2020

Global Coronavirus cases updates worldwide: How many have died in the UK, Europe, USA? | World | News

Global coronavirus cases have reached 472,986 as of March 26, with a total of 21,308 deaths as COVID-19 shows no sign of letting up. Some regions have felt the impact much more than others, with the UK, several countries in Europe, and the US amongst the top ten most infected in the world.

The UK

The UK is currently the ninth most infected country in the world in terms of total cases.

The country has seen 9,529 people contract COVID-19 in the last month, putting it ahead of South Korea and behind Switzerland on 10,897.

In terms of deaths, the UK ranks slightly higher, as the seventh in the world with 465, behind the United States and ahead of the Netherlands.

The government has instituted a total lockdown which has seen total deaths and cases slightly dip recently.

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Europe quickly became the flashpoint for the coronavirus outside of China, as the disease firmly planted itself in Italy.

There, cases nearly match those in the Far East, with a total of 74,386, and another 7,503 deaths, the most of any country.

While the disease has proved deadly in Italy as a whole, the country also provided an avenue of infection to the rest of the continent.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly come under fire for his response to the crisis, as he wants the lockdown lifted by Easter.

In a press conference, he said he was hoping for churches to be “full” and the economy open by April 12.

Church leaders have railed against the decision, as pastor the Rev William J Barber II told the Guardian the expectation was “the height of hypocrisy”.

When asked about the reasoning for his decision, the President said he arrived at the date as it was a “wonderful time of the year”.

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