Published On: Wed, Feb 12th, 2020

Laurence Fox news: Race row erupts between actor and Sadiq Khan over advertisement online | UK | News

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On his Twitter account where he usually takes aim at fellow celebrities for their “woke” views, Mr Fox has this time hit out at Sadiq Khan. Mr Fox responded to a tweet from the Mayor of London where he unveiled the £500,000 Nubian Skin campaign at Canary Wharf Station, that advertises underwear to match your skin tone,

Mr Fox fired back that the campaign was not diverse, as several nationalities were not represented in the poster.

He said: “‘Hands @SadiqKhan dictionary with the page open at definition of “diversity’”.

The Lewis actor then went onto retweet Spiked Online who had also criticised the advert and labelled Mr Khan a “hypocrite” for sharing models in underwear.

They wrote: “Sadiq Khan is a total hypocrite. Adverts showing women in bikinis and tights have been banned by TfL in the past. But now the mayor has given a diversity award to a campaign showing models in underwear. Why is this ad empowering but others offensive?”

Mr Fox replied: “Because he’s a spanner.”

Twitter users were quick to respond to the comments by Mr Fox and Spiked Online.

One said: “ No he isn’t. A spanner is useful @SadiqKhan isn’t.”

Another replied: “ Mayor Khan’s entire legacy will be his stand on tube adverts. Knife crime, not so much. But tube ads & he’s yer man.”

A third responded: “ Hypocrisy personified…i give you the Mayor of London.

The backlash comes after Sadiq Khan in 2015 removed a campaign by Protein World, to get “beach body ready” featuring a blonde fitness model in a bikini.

Then in 2017 he banned an advert by Heist, a tights brand, after they shows a woman jumping into the air wearing just tights and exposing her back to commuters.

The latest poster by Nubian Skin shows 4 women and 2 men in nothing but their underwear as the pose up against each other to promote “ a different kind of nude.”

Mr Khan said on his Twitter: “The judging panel praised Nubian Skin for their bold and empowering campaign – celebrating different body types and skin tones which are underrepresented in advertising.”

Oxford graduate and rapper Zuby called out the Mayor on Twitter for the advert not being an accurate depiction of diversity.

“How is making everybody black ‘diversity’? Can’t we all just go back to being normal and get along? People are tired.” he said.

However, Mr Khan maintained: “London’s greatest strength is our diversity, so we challenged advertisers to produce ads that better represented our BAME communities.”

It comes after Mr Khan received a call on his LBC phone-in from a listener, who claimed he cared more about banning bikini adverts on the tube, than on trying to tackle knife crime.

Responding to the caller, he said: “Violent crime is a serious issue and I hope people don’t bring their own prejudices against me when talking about a serious issue.

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