Published On: Thu, May 21st, 2020

Lockdown POLL: Is the lockdown failing after beaches were packed yesterday? VOTE HERE | UK | News

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On Wednesday temperatures peaked at 27.8C as people enjoyed their first beach day since the start of the lockdown two months ago. Photo showing beaches teeming with sunbathers and swimmers caused anger on social media, with many Britons saying the Government is failing in their efforts. One woman pointed out the irony of the lockdown, with workers being furloughed because it is unsafe for them to return to work while being allowed to head to a packed beach.

She said: “So thousands furloughed because it’s not safe to travel to or be at work?

“But it’s ok to be on the beach.

“The cost for UK being forced on ‘furlough holiday’ = business failures and inflated taxes.”

And a man who shared a photo of a very crowded Southend beach in Essex said social distancing rules went out the window.

He said: “This is Southend. Within rules, everyone in photo has a right to travel to the beach for a day out.

“So this was inevitable. No chance of 2 metre distancing.

“This is so risky. There’s ‘easing the lockdown, then there’s just reverting back to normal! Staggering.”

Another woman shocked at the scenes in Southend hit out at Boris Johnson’s recent handling of the partial lifting of the lockdown.

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“They should be ashamed.”

Beaches across the West Country were also hit by a sudden influx of visitors defying local appeals to “stay away”.

The tourism board in Weston, which has temporarily changed its name to Don’t Visit Weston, said there were “cars parked illegally all over the town and the seafront”.

They said while staff continued to observe the lockdown rules by staying inside and working from home, others were openly ignoring the Government’s advice.

They said the scenes amounted to “lunacy”.

In Scotland, where the easing of the lockdown will not be rolled out until next week, thousands flocked to Portobello beach on Wednesday

Police were called out when large numbers of people gathered at the beach in Edinburgh, despite lockdown restrictions.

Officers did not issue any fines and instead asked people to return to their homes.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said the scenes at the beach were “very concerning”.

He said: “The congestion of people illustrated the dangers that we face here.

“So many people, in such close proximity, doesn’t exactly illustrate following the guidance that has been set out.”

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