Published On: Mon, May 25th, 2020

Prince William: Duke shares how Kate Middleton supports his parenthood | Royal | News

The Duke Of Cambridge spoke to former footballer Marvin Sordell about the support his wife gives him in fatherhood.

In a new documentary, ‘Football, Prince William and our Mental Health,’ hosted by Mr Sordell, Prince Williams opened up about how becoming a father brought up difficult emotions about the loss of his mother, Princess Diana.

He said: “Having children is the biggest life changing moment, it really is… I think when you’ve been through something traumatic in life, and that is like you say, your Dad not being around, my mother dying when I was younger, the emotions come back, in leaps and bounds.

“It’s a different phase of life and there is no one there to kind of help you.

“I definitely found it very, at times, overwhelming.”

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He continued to describe how Kate supports him with those emotions to Marvin Sordell when they discuss the absence of parental figures.

The Duke added: “Me and Catherine particularly, we support each other and we go through those moments together and we kind of evolve and learn together… But I do agree with you.

“I think that emotionally things come out of the blue that you don’t ever expect or that maybe you think you’ve dealt with.

“So I can completely relate to what you’re saying about children coming along, it’s one of the most amazing moments of life but it’s also one of the scariest.”

In the programme, Marvin Sordell discusses suffering from depression, and tells Prince William about his struggles becoming a father in 2017.

He said: “It was the hardest time in my life.

“You know I found it really tough…I grew up without my father…I really struggled with my emotions at that time.”

The former sportsman also spoke about a suicide attempt in 2013, adding: “If I saw me in that situation now, you can tell a mile off there’s a big problem, big, big problem but it’s football though, literally we don’t look at these things and tackle them and try and solve them, we just think we just wanna put that away, and just leave it.”

Prince William has been an outspoken advocate for mental wellbeing and supports many charities helping those who struggle.

Recently him and Kate Middleton hosted an online bingo game for nursing home residents.

The couple also celebrated the first anniversary of Shout85258, the UK’s first 24/7 crisis text line.

Alexis Caught, a volunteer for the service, described the duo as “really engaging and caring” behind-the-scenes.

Alexis told Hello: “I think the thing that really surprised me is actually how much the Duke and Duchess genuinely care because when there aren’t press around or an audience, they’re actually really engaging and asking very smart questions, which bely that they are doing their research.”

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