Published On: Sat, May 2nd, 2020

Prince William news: How Charles coronavirus scare really made the royal feel

The expert said the Duchess appeared to mirror her husband’s distress.

“Kate’s reaction changes at this point too, her smile drops and her lips purse as she turns to look at her husband’s face and the way one hand rises to flick her hair over her shoulder suggests some mirrored distress around this difficult subject,” Judi said.

“William manages a calm, measured and factual vocal tone as he tells us his father’s age and profile made it ‘very risky’ his eyes perform some accelerated blinking and his body a small rocking gesture that both hint at high levels of concern and worry at the time.”

William is the consummate professional, but there are small signs that give away his emotional state, according to the expert.

Judi said: “He will only admit to being ‘a little bit worried’ but a small, gasping laugh hints at his current levels of relief. He tells us his father was ‘very lucky’ but the way he crossed his arms over his lap at that point in a self-protective gesture makes his performed smile look incongruent.”

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