Published On: Sun, Aug 9th, 2020

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However, for some families, giving the credit to a family member providing care can come with problems.

“Often more than one family member will provide childcare, so it can be tricky knowing which carer to offer the credit to as only one adult can claim it even if care is shared,” Ms Ingram said.

“To resolve this dilemma the credit could be offered to one carer in one tax year and another in the next tax year.

“However, it is important that credits are not wasted as would be the case if one of the carers was also working, or was self- employed, and building their state pension through their own NI contributions.

“Equally some carers may have more than one set of children they look after, so sharing credits around the family is another way of ensuring no one misses out.

“Some carers may also qualify for Carers Credits if they are also looking after an adult and will not benefit by taking up the Specified Adult Child Care Credit as well.”

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