Published On: Sun, May 3rd, 2020

Tesco delivery: When are Tesco delivery slots released?

Tesco delivery slots have become one of the most vital commodities in the UK with the onset of coronavirus measures which will likely keep people inside for days to come. The supermarket, much like many others, has struggled to meet the ever-growing demand, however. 

When are Tesco delivery slots released?

Tesco and most other supermarkets have recently seen a surge in demand for food and basic necessities as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

Government orders to stay indoors mean most people have resorted to panic buying and stockpiling, forcing some to set down customer restrictions.

Those who haven’t been able to find what they need in-store have turned to online delivery, which is now struggling to keep up with demand.

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Other supermarkets are under much the same strain as Tesco and have now started to take their own precautions.

Most have no slots available, and others are restricting what they have.

Iceland is amongst those who are delivering only to people aged 65 and over, who may be particularly vulnerable.

Sainsbury’s has asked vulnerable customers to call if they need delivery, and they will be listed for priority if they do so.

Some stores and supermarkets have partnered with Deliveroo for people who need the delivery.

M&S is the biggest chain to partner with the service, offering a limited selection of 60 items from their collection.

Smaller corner shops and stores have also partnered with the service to send out some of their items.

Much like supermarket home deliveries, Deliveroo is on high demand, with some delivery slots unavailable.

Supermarkets have also started to limit shoppers and items in their physical stores.

Staff members are now ensuring people stick to the new social distancing rules which keep people at least two metres apart from one another.

They are also limiting the number of people who can enter, and once inside, the products they can take.

Staff also have increased protection such as screens, visors gloves and hand sanitiser while they help shoppers.

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