Published On: Mon, Sep 7th, 2020

World War 3: China sends 1,000 troops for LIVE-FIRE confrontation drill amid US India row | World | News

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China’s People’s Liberation army has begin live fire confrontation drills. 

Local media reported 1,000 soldiers and 100 military vehicles of the 80th Group Army were mobilized to northwest China.

Videos have been released on social media showing large weapons and tanks being transported via railway. 

CGTN news producer Shen Shi Wei tweeted the video, with the caption: “Let’s wait and see”.


The clip has sparked fear among Twitter users. 

One responded to the clip: “Are they going to attack India?”

A second blasted: “Trying to frighten India by showing these visuals but this is not gonna work!”

Another angry user suggested China had more important things to focus on. 

They said: “ Sir, Why do you showoff your 3Ft soldiers circus? Pay attention to financial things and companies moving out of China!”

Others supported the drills.

Some users even posted words of support, such as “good” and “go ahead!”

The drills come amid mounting tension between China, India and the US. 

China is currently reinforcing its position in the Himalayan border stand-off with India by deploying new tanks divisions causing tensions to flare.

The South Pangong region of Eastern Ladakh is the scene of an intense build-up of infantry and armour by both sides.

The Indian army chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane released a statement warning the situation along the Line of Actual Control is “tense”. He added: “We have undertaken some precautionary deployments for our own safety and security.

“In view of the situation, we have undertaken some precautionary deployments for our own safety and security.

“These deployments, we undertook along the Line of Actual Control.”

Both sides have recently held emergency talks but no progress has been reported and the situation along the Himalayan border has been tense for months.

On June 20 Indian soldiers were killed after clashing with Chinese troops in the Galwan valley area.

China suffered an unknown number of casualties in one of the most serious incidents in 50 years.

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